How do you introduce a new company to a growing startup scene?


Quewey is a question and answer website Quewey pairs information seekers with industry professionals to get advice for making better business decisions. I was charged with helping increase awareness of Quewey, its features and benefits in the Philadelphia Area in order to acquirer new users to the site through media relations. After accessing Quewey’s benefits we thought it best to target three demographics:

  • Philadelphia technology/startup bloggers
  • Philadelphia business community
  • College students

Strategic Approach

In order to do this, I had to figure out barriers to awareness of Quewey and access the competitive media landscape. I then drafted a strategic communications plan that made suggestions beyond media relations and developed a message guide for the entire team to keep conversations with the public consistent.

Philadelphia was named one of America’s hottest up and coming tech scenes and as such, I chose to target local tech bloggers and writers who are interested in furthering tech in Philadelphia, leveraging Quewey’s smart back-end technology. Leveraging Quewey’s connections to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania I pitched leading business newspaper outlet and Penn’s nationally acclaimed student newspaper. Understanding that bloggers will write about the site but not necessarily join, the Quewey team and I contributed to highly trafficked business industry forums such as Wall Street Oasis to integrate Quewey into existing conversations.


  • Exclusive feature in the Philadelphia’s prestigious business newspaper, the Philadelphia Business Journal.
  • Blog placements including Geekadelphia, Philly Tech News and Technically Philly
  • 100, 000 impressions in a 3 week period.
  • Since then, Quewey has also garnered the attention of Fast Company and Small Business Online Community.


Tech/Business Writers

Daily Pennsylvanian- University of Pennsylvania’s student newspaper

The Press Kit*

*So as not to compromise the company, confidential or sensitive information have been redacted from samples.


Philadelphia Business Journal- online; print

Impressions: 240,000


Impressions: 6, 866

Technically Philly

Impressions: 7, 778 over-sexist-remarks-on-hackathon-flyer-startup-roundup

Fast Company- online

Impressions: 592, 741

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